Sample Survey Data Collection

Mammals are located by observing their level of emitted infrared energy versus background levels. Digital infrared video is captured throughout the survey area and is geo-referenced. We review the tape after the survey to map group size and locations by species. Behavioral or activity data (e.g., bedded, walking, foraging) and vegetation cover type is collected and coded.

People walking on beach

People on Beach

People walking on the beach.

deer images within a mixed forest

Deer in forest

Deer within a mixed forest

rocks and not deer or deer beds.


Rocks versus deer or deer beds

Deer in residential Area

Deer in Residential Area

Deer standing within a residential area. A deer’s head is brighter than the rest of their body.

Infared | Livestock

Livestock from up high

Livestock in a feedlot from 1,000 ft above ground level. Fecal matter and beds are evident.